Grow Kit - Michigan Oyster Mushroom

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    Found in the wilds of Michigan in 2015 and cloned in our home laboratory, the Michigan oyster variety is delicious and beautiful. With an exceptionally large, firm cap, these mushrooms are great in the usual mushroom dishes, like eggs, pasta, stir fry, but they're also an excellent meat substitute in tacos, burritos, curries, and breaded, seasoned, and fried for po' boy sandwiches which brings out the mild fish-like flavors this, and many other oyster mushrooms carry.

    Their high demand for fresh air when compared to other oyster mushrooms means that these kits are best grown in high ventilation areas,  or outdoors. If you don't have those options, or this is your first grow kit, consider another oyster mushroom, which will be less demanding.

    Grow your own mushrooms at home in just a couple of weeks! Our kits take all the hard work out of mushroom cultivation. Simply cut some holes in the bag, introduce it to a humid, shady area and watch your mushrooms grow in just a matter of days! These full size production kits are the same we use at our farm and can produce 3-5 lb of mushrooms each; nearly twice as much as you might get from some similarly priced kits.

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