Chaga Fungus - Wild Foraged

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Our chaga mushrooms are wild foraged during the cooler months of the year in Michigan's Upper Peninsula by a small handful of foragers we work with. Chaga has been used as a tea and health tonic for hundreds of years across Northern Europe and Asia. 
Recent analysis have suggested that some of the unique compounds in chaga may help promote reductions in inflammation and blood pressure, as well as helping to treat or prevent illnesses and tumor formation. Chaga is an extremely potent antioxidant source that can be consumed as a tea, tincture, stock, or dried powder.
We mostly use our chaga to produce a mild, pleasant, vaguely woody tea that is good alone or easily mixed with herbal teas or honey, we like to use mint or chamomille.

Chaga tea is best produced at lower temperatures, anywhere below a simmer is acceptable and you should steep it for at least 30-45 minutes, some people make larger batches in a crock pot on the low setting for a few hours. Lower temps and longer times help preserve the integrity of the health-promoting beta-glucans and the longer times help coax more of them out of this woody, tough fungus.

Our chaga comes in chunks that you can brew whole, using a piece approximately 1 to 2 tablespoons in size for each 8-10 ounces of tea. You can store the used chaga in the freezer after use and brew with it again 2-3 more times before discarding.

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