Shroom School - The Past + Present of Psychedelic Mushrooms

A brief introduction hallucinogenic fungi, how they effect us, and their impact on our modern culture

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Curious about psychedelic mushrooms? 

This 2.5 hour class will start with discussion about the effects of hallucinogenic fungi. What are they? Why are they? How do they effect us? What the risks and potential benefits?
What questions do you have about them? Why do some people have life-changing experiences with them, and what does that really mean from a scientific stand point?

Following this we'll have a brief lecture on the historic uses of hallucinogenic mushrooms, their introduction to American culture, and the impact they have had on it.

We'll briefly discuss some of the species known to grow here in Michigan, as well as some resources for identifying them.

Finally we'll discuss the dozens of papers and studies published on their effects over the last 30 years. Why do many professionals in the field consider psychedelics to be the most important development in modern psychology? What have been their effects in a controlled, clinical setting? Why do people "spiritualize" them and their effects? And what potential future do they have in medicine?

This is not a class on cultivation and we will only briefly discuss how they grow. We do not grow or produce them, nor provide supplies specifically for doing so.


Date & Time
January 21, 2024
1:00 PM 3:30 PM America/New_York

Mycophile's Garden

2789 West Bluewater Hwy
IONIA MI 48846
United States
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Mycophile's Garden


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