Rich And Hearty Mushroom Mix

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If you're looking for a mushroom blend with earthy, savory, woodsy flavors than look no more!
If you can't get enough of those dark, rich, dare I say dirty, flavors that our fungal friends have been known to possess, than this mix is for you.

Perfect for mushrooms soups, stews, gravies and stroganoff, or just an umami packed pasta dish; the Rich And Hearty Mix is a blend of our strongest and earthiest fungi which may include but is not limited to shiitake, maitake, chestnut, and black poplar mushrooms.

This blend will not include oyster mushrooms of any type.

Most Orders Will Be Processed In 2-3 Business Days, Occasionally Crop Changes And Seasonal Adjustments May Result In Delays of  1-2 weeks.
We Will Do Our Best To Promptly Inform You of Any Such Delays.